Partners & Funders

The GYM service strongly believes in partnership working. We are partnered with organisations who have the same mission as our own:

To reduce violence, gang crime and knife crime by building positive relationships with troubled young people and providing them with holistic support towards achieving a positive future.

We fully recognise that we each have different skills and abilities, and each have something important to give in supporting young people towards positive futures.

ASSIST Trauma Care


ASSIST Trauma Care employs experienced therapists trained to work with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the after-effects of trauma in line with current evidence-based practices. Children find it particularly difficult to explain to others how they are feeling following trauma, with the result that parents, and teachers may often not pick up what is going on for a child. Traumatic-stress reactions will also vary significantly in line with a child’s age.

Our Specialist Children’s Trauma Therapist’s provide one-to-one and family work with CYP below the age of 10.

Community Initiative to Reduce Violence

A multi-agency gang intervention programme designed to reduce gang violence and help those involved in gangs to live a life free of crime.

CIRV works with gang members to show them the consequences of the life they are choosing to lead and offering them an alternative pathway through mentoring, support, job opportunities and other change programmes.
Participants involved in CIRV who recognise the negative consequences of the life they are currently leading, and want to live free of violence and drugs, can be referred to our specialist therapeutic and mentoring service whereby a trained Trauma Therapist/Mentor is assigned to explore the deeper issues they may be experiencing and improve their life choices and skills positively.

Please contact CIRV to make a referral for any individual from the age 15 onwards.

The Daniel Kennell Foundation

The Daniel Kennell Foundation is an independent, charitable foundation, committed to help prevent knife crime and support the families affected by it through understanding & peer support.

We work in closely with the DK Foundation with efforts to raise awareness about the effects and devastating consequences on weapon crime and how it can affect people forever.

See how you can help or how you can access help.

Lisa Lashes School of Music

Lisa’s Music Academy runs a popular 12-week course providing all the essentials to start a career in the music industry.
Lisa has been working closely with GYM & CIRV to provide mentorships to young people wishing to focus on a creative direction in life.

The programme offers the opportunity of gaining skills whilst improving mental health, attaining goals, and positive thinking.
We have found young people prefer to express themselves through the power of music.

Check out Lisa Lashes School of Music to see if it’s something of interest to you.

Youth Endowment Fund

Evaluated by a specialist team at the University of Hertfordshire, YEF have provided funding for our team to address the issues of vulnerable young people displaying risky behaviours, through focussed youth work and Trauma Focussed Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, helping to include parents and carers wherever possible before progressing to specialist youth support and mentoring to focus on redirecting their lives.

This fund is aimed at working with Children and Young People aged 10-14 years old within the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire region.

The Compound Wellingborough

The Compound Wellingborough

We deliver sessions teaching calisthenics/street workout to children and adults from the ages of 5 upwards . The Compound Wellingborough uses this type of exercise and fitness to engage the community, the hard to reach and those at risk of exclusion from schools and in gangs this teaches them discipline, focus and helps with wellbeing and general health as well as mental health . The Compound Wellingborough CiC has been running regular sessions at the hemmingwell community centre for over 5 years and has successfully fundraised and built a calisthenics rig last year in Wellingborough . We operate with a dedicated team of volunteers and qualified coaches.

Solomon Theatre Company


Solomon Theatre Company produces educational drama productions aimed at KS2, KS3 & KS4 students. Based in Bedfordshire we deliver our production to schools around the UK. We create appropriate, impacting theatre shows relevant to current issues – frequently very sensitive ones – which resonate with the young audiences and provides information, thought-provoking scenarios and the opportunity to express, explore and develop different responses. We focus on hard hitting and serious issues such as under-age drinking, drugs misuse, knife violence and peer pressure.

Northampton Saints Foundation

The Engage programme works with students aged between 10-16 to increase confidence and boost self-esteem. The programme has been running for just over five years which has involved working with a number of students with complex needs. Engage uses practical based activities to empower students to see the positives in everyday life. Engage works with the referrer to develop a progression pathway which is specific for each individual student to ensure we are meeting the full needs of the students. The programme operates under a very high staff to student ratio to ensure we are able to provide the best support.
All of our staff are fully trained and experienced in working with students with educational attainment issues, behavioural problems and recent trauma whether this be inside or outside of school.