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We are offering virtual support at reduced rates for concerned young people, parents and professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you feel you would benefit from support/therapy, please contact our team on
or 07947-875-552.

Otherwise, check out our social media and getting involved with what our team are offering virtually!

Don’t Judge Me || Spoken Word || Our Hillz

“You are witnessing the manifestation of a young persons vision. The vision was clear – to articulate the experiences that they and their peers had undergone growing up in the area of Hillfields in Coventry.”

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About Us & Who We Help

GYM Intervention is a confidential service that strives to establish credible, life-altering relationships with vulnerable Children and Young People through delivery of a specialist, holistic service.

Our cause is to help support young people transform their lives through attitude and behaviour management, encouraging them to overcome difficulties and struggles in life, guiding them through growth and development in a positive way, exposing them to choices and empowering them to become the masters of their own successful journeys.

Our service believes in wealth. Wealth to our team means to be able to be proud of the choices we all make, nurturing our relationships and being considered a good person trying to make a positive effort in a big world. To achieve this wealth, the key components we explore with young people is love, compassion, understanding and willingness.

We also believe that in order to achieve this, we must garner encouragement and support from those involved with a young person, whether you are a parent, a teacher, a sports coach, a sibling, a neighbour, a friend, or anyone who can help make a small difference, your effort can result in a positive impact.

We are featured in the new Channel 4 documentary “Britain’s Child Drug Runners”. Visit the Channel 4 site for more details.

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